Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yup. "What the hell is THAT?" I asked myself as I did the laundry and saw this thing that measured 6 inches long and 8 inches wide. It looks like a skirt. I placed it up to my waist and it didn't even cover the crotch area. My daughter sees this and tells me "You don't wear it up so high. You wear it around your hips." It still wouldn't make much of a difference, would it? I mean look at it. It's a micro micro mini and that's what these kids wear to parties? HELP!!!!

"I'm siiiick" croaked mini-skirt's owner into the phone today. "Call the docta fa me." Her voice was so croaky that the receptionist who answered her call was puzzled.

"That was a GIRL???"

Yup and my girls - all of them - have been giving me a run for the money lately. One of them, not happy with her non-sagging "A" cup, wants a boob job and is saving up towards it.

"How do you know the plastic surgeon is any good"

"Because I saw two girls who had theirs done by him and I like what I saw"

"They showed you their boobs?"

"Yes. After you get your boobs done, you show them to everybody."

Great. That's just what a mother wants. A daughter who shows her boobs to everybody.


Anonymous said...

check it out,
so funny:

utenzi said...

That's scary, Gypsy. I can't imagine a girl wearing something that skimpy to a party.

Anonymous said...

If Israeli teenagers are anything like the ones in the US, she's probably wear the skirt with capri leggings on underneath - it's all the rage here to wear short skirts with leggings, even summer skirts in the middle of winter. Does that make it any better?


Anonymous said...

Agh, wearing, not wear.


Anonymous said...

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SF911Truth said...

Commodity capitalism, and it's "culture", are turning younger and younger girls into prostitutes.

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