Sunday, April 08, 2007

Passover - continued

I have been feeling terribly lethargic for the rest of the holiday. I haven't been energetic enough to do anything besides struggle with dishes and laundry and washing the floor once and yelling at Hubby and Son for peeing on the lower bathroom walls.

We didn't have the bucks to do anything or to go anywhere this year, because the new house drained us every which way and I'm buying food on overdraft. Like thousands of Israelis, I guess. But it's just so not Debtor's Anonymous. How am I gonna face these people next week

I was going to go on a trip to the Golan advertised as just a trip that cost only 40 NIS (less than $10) - all inclusive with a meat lunch, bus, guides, entrance fees - which was incredibly cheap. The email I received said there would be a "central event" in Katzrin with a performer. Then I read in the papers the day before the trip that this "central event" is actually a demonstration and hundreds of people are expected to be bussed in for the event. Hmmm. Well, I don't really like feeling duped, and it's not like I expected a political party not to dupe me - I certainly do - but because of that I cancelled my trip and spent all my time playing minesweeper on my computer which is next to my son's computer. My son's tushy is pasted onto his computer chair and he makes these weird noises and farts and belches constantly to the point where I was wishing I'd be back at work. Is that not sad to be spending your Passover holiday this way?

But anyways, yesterday, while Hubby and son were sitting on the couch belching people's names (Vladimir, Arkady Gaydamak, Boris, Ahmadinejad, etc.) for no apparent reason, I felt I was doing a mitzvah by sending good Israeli music to MidEast Youth's director to put on their radio site. They had good Arabic stuff going on there, but absolutely no Israeli music. And music is one of those things (besides food and laughter yoga) that makes for peace among peoples. So among the stuff I sent, they chose Moosh Ben Ari's "Ya" and Shotei Hanevua's "Ein Ani". Have a listen here

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