Wednesday, November 21, 2007

marital bliss

I found the secret to marital bliss. I've always loved my guy, seriously, even when he would request dinner at 11:30 pm, if the previous one was finished by 5:00 pm and other assorted atrocities he would heap on me and the kids, like needing a spotless house at all hours of the day!

But he's in Canada now, with the Canadian Mounties and where people say "aboot" instead of "about" and pepper the end of their sentences with "eh?" He's now one of the commuting dads/husbands who commute overseas for work because there's not too much of it here in the Holy Land. I mean, if he wanted to study Holy books all day long in the Holy Land, hey! no problem. But if he wants his family to eat real food and not just dream about it, he has to bring in the dineros any which way he can.

It's been a week already. I do miss the man. The broom and the dustpan also miss him and the windows miss being stroked shiny clean. They won't see that much of me, those apparati.

Ah, my porn-again hubby. I go on to the internet and don't see any of his rather "interesting" surfing history. The titles of those websites made me laugh every Saturday morning, even though they're not fit for print.

My chauffer extraordinaire is gone. The car is not fit for the road and only he can maneuver the dying vehicle. So I bus it into work everyday and, when desperate, take a taxi from the local mall.

But I do the dishes and wash the floor whenever I want to. Supper is there whenever I feel up to it and we save a shitload of money on not buying Colas for dinner. We don't argue about a messy house anymore nor about money. It's quite wonderful, actually, not to argue or get angry at one another. Is this what marital bliss is? If only it wouldn't feel so lonely at times....


Emah S said...

Congrats on his new job! Sounds to me like a true case of absence making the heart grow fonder! :) enjoy.

had to LOL "porn-again!" hee hee!

so now will you get the kitchen finished?

jerusalemgypsy said...

hi Emah,

We did finally finish the kitchen - after 4 months of living there. But now we have to get stuff like a sink in the bathroom and shower doors!

Emah S said...

Glad to hear about the kitchen, titchadshu! And yes, a sink might be helpful in the bathroom! :)

ps. we felt the earthquake in Modiin too, as did my mother-in-law who was in Mevasseret and was so happy to hear that we felt it, she was worried it was just her!