Wednesday, May 14, 2008

He's Back

He sat down in my kitchen, slumped in a chair.

"If mum would be here now, she'd be so disappointed." He shook his head sadly.

The crime?

My perfectionist Hubby just arrived from the airport, and I, at risk to my job being that it was a heavy work week where NO ONE is allowed hours off, met him there to take him home from his six month stint in Canada. And what I thought was clean, was simply a disaster for him.

"look at the light switches! This house is falling apart!" he said to me.

OH SHIT! In my haste to straighten out the apartment before he came home, I did forget to wipe up the switchplates and the hallway one was, well, dirty. I gave him my lame excuse of not having enough time between my full time job, part time studies and babysitting the grandkid.

I let him smoke on the terrace and sulk in the kitchen. After all he brought me chocolates and Burberry perfume.

I guess in squeaky clean Canada, everyone's light switches are always spic and span. After all, it's so damn cold up there, you can't enjoy the outdoors much so you might as well clean your light switches.


thatdudeyouknow said...

After not seeing you for six months that's what he focuses on??

Anonymous said...

Well, this is his way of saying "you do not care about me anymore". Remember, no one picked him up from the airport.

jerusalemgypsy said...

Of course I picked him up at the airport....!!!

Anonymous said...






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