Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hiking by Kibbutz Be'eri

I seem to be hiking monthly these days. Spring is here, which means there's a few weeks of erratic, schizo weather before it turns scorchingly hot and I won't want to hike anywhere.

Jerusalem Mosaic hiking club were doing this rather easy hike, along gentle hills near Kibbutz Be'eri (a kibbutz founded in 1946), which is 3 miles from Gaza. The British built roads here pre-State-of-Israel and stored their ammunition here, as well as having a sulphur factory. The scenery was quite different from one moment to the next.

So let's get to the photos:

There were several German Shepherd dogs guarding the premises at the Kibbutz. Why? I asked the guide. His explanation was that the Kibbutz was just 3 miles from Gaza and this was to prevent infiltrators. BUT - then I hear Israel's biggest printing press is behind the barbed wire. And this is where the bills from the electric company, the phone company and other major sources of annoyances come from. No wonder they need security dogs.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away....lovely to see this in the middle of nowhere, eh?

Hiking along the sand dunes...

The old British sulphur factor

I'm happy to report that we hiked much faster than this snail on the grass.

- seems to be a ruin of an Arab village or home here

- the homes of Gaza in the distance. This rural area of Gaza seems quite pastoral, unlike the inner cities where chaos seems to reign.


Aviva said...

hey, my friend and i want to go bike riding in yaar beeri but we're having trouble finding out how to get there and where to rent bikes. do you have any ideas or suggestions that could help us out?

thanks so much,

Hiking In Israel said...

Thanks for giving such an Vital information. I should appreciate you for the pictures that you have displayed.The reason for the security dogs were quite amazing !!!