Monday, March 26, 2007

teen interfaith

Thanks to Esra'a from Middle East Youth for sending me this link .

Anyone interested in joining or having their kids join? Unfortunately, my kids aren't interested right now in repairing the world type of thing. They want to get up late, earn money, buy clothing, go to parties, go to clubs - but to sit and actually discuss worthwhile things? Nah.... Maybe when they're older. Much older.


Akiva said...

"Children of Abraham’s Global Discovery Program (GDP) is an intensive four-month online seminar that is designed to act as an educational gateway to bring together Muslim and Jewish youth from eleven cities across the world, including Damascus, Dubai, Jakarta, London, Montreal, Marrakech, Moscow, Paris, Riyadh, Tehran, and New York."

Good idea,Leah,but its a pity that this program have omitted kids from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

jerusalemgypsy said...

Not to worry - they are looking for Israeli kids and I sent a notice to interfaith groups in Israel - so that some will join up and they will be included in the future.