Monday, August 04, 2008

Dirty Laundry

The soldiers stop our bus occasionally in the morning on the way into Jerusalem at the check point. We're a "Jewish" bus, but occasionally we get passengers from El Azariyah and the soldiers want to check to see if they are Palestinians with the necessary permits or Israeli Arabs or Palestinians who 'snuck' on without permits, in which case they'd be arrested or detained or whatever. I've never seen anyone get thrown off the bus, thank God. But the soldier who came on the bus yesterday was checking every guy with a beard, asking for their ID card. I laughed as he asked the Russian guy sitting a few rows in front of me for his ID. My daughter shrugged and said, "The soldier looks more like an Arab than anyone on the bus." She was so right.

And I thought I'd have an easy day in the office, but had a rough day instead, with hardly time for a bite to eat.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted and was thankful that we were able to afford a pizza.

My husband was livid at my daughter, whose boyfriend had stayed over the weekend and was still in the house.

"Don't give any pizza to her", he told me.


He pointed his fingers towards the bedroom. "Because they're FUCKING in that room, and there's LAUNDRY sitting on our bed, waiting to get done."


Hubby was visibly agitated and were his face not red as a beet, I would have mentioned to him "Well, if there was no laundry in our room, would it then be ok for them to be fucking in 'that' room?"

The boyfriend must have heard Hubby. He gave the pizza people the wrong address by mistake and it took them nearly an hour to get here.

Finally, the pizza arrived, Hubby lost his redness and invited the "fucking" couple to join us for dinner, and the laundry eventually got done.

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Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

no more dirty words, please!!