Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jerusalem Welcomes the Pope

It's Pope Fest this week in Jerusalem. Roads are closed, busses are re-routed during the day and the city has a kind of festive atmosphere where everyone's walking in the streets downtown during the closures. Notre Dame hung many yellow and white flags all over the place and a sign at a busy downtown intersection said that Jerusalem's Light Rail Transit system welcomes Pope Benedict XVI. He probably wondered about the horrible mess the light rail system is making of Jerusalem and the least they can do is officially welcome him.

Many of my interfaith friends got to meet the Pope at a special interfaith gathering until a sheikh hijacked the meeting for his own political agenda. Doesn't he know one doesn't talk politics at an interfaith gathering? Asshole.

My daughter wondered why so many tourists had come from overseas to see the Pope. There were dozens of tour buses all over the city.

"They're Pope Groupies" I told her.

"Really? They go all over the world just to see the Pope?"

I'm sure some actually do, although I don't know of anyone personally who does.
And this past week I've also been concentrating on my raw foods, preparing one vegetable juice drink a day. Hubby took a peek at what I was making one morning...

"THAT looks like cat diarrhea." Well, it does actually. Which means I can have this juice all to myself, unlike other snacks and goodies which I have to hide - and hiding places are becoming more scarce in my home, as the family becomes more knowledgable of my hiding places.

I even took dried bananas to work today. Looking at these bananas I packed in a plastic bag, it did look like a dried piece of crap. But you can eat it and it's sweet and it's healthier than chocolate. So there. I won't have to hide any dried bananas either from my family.

My recently-married daughter called me and wants to know whether I can go with her to sushi night one evening. She's become totally addicted to sushi and "needing" it twice a week. We made a date for next week. At home I wondered about this new addiction of hers and told my husband...

"She was never adventurous before. All of a sudden, NOW - she's so into sushi? I don't get it."

I love sushi and when I was her age, I also ate it often. What's happening? Is she becoming more and more like me as time goes on? Where she once detested my "adventurous" gourmet food, now she's liking brown rice with edemame and other healthy options? Well, does that mean she'll be inviting Arabs into her house soon enough?...

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Anonymous said...

haha...i used to be like yr married daughter. My mom n i are of different style in food n fashion sense but as i grow older im becoming more like her. i even cut a hairstyle she wore when she was my age n now my