Monday, August 17, 2009


I love Ezra Nawi. There aren't too many people from Maaleh Adumim that love Ezra Nawi. But I do. There aren't too many Sephardic gay men who help Palestinians in the Southern Hebron region, when no one else can or will. But he does.

On the way to nowhere in particular yesterday morning, I stopped by the courthouse in Jerusalem where this guy was about to be charged for who knows what, something like interfering with the army, police or what have you. Emails were sent out to various lists asking for people to come out in support of this man, whose trial and sentencing was at 8:30 a.m.

I didn't know any one there, as I'm not a leftist activist, and I guess most of the people there were. I went over to a couple of people and asked how long the court thing will take. They glanced at me, unsmiling, and said they didn't know. It almost felt as if they just all "knew" I lived over the forbidden green line.

The Orthodox Jewish couple holding up a sign in support of Ezra were much more welcoming when I attempted to hold a conversation. I felt comfortable with the sign holders and hung out with them for a bit.

He came out at around 11:00 am, while everyone cheered and clapped. The sentencing held over until September. So he's safely out of jail - for now.

You see, I always felt that if there were more Ezra Nawi's, there would be peace between Palestinians and Israelis, despite the government, despite politics. If there were more Ezra Nawi's, we would be seen more as a light unto the nations, not as oppressors of a people by others. If there were more Ezra Nawi's, there wouldn't be talk of boycotts of Israeli academics or products. Not everyone may believe this. But I do.

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