Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's been difficult for my daughter who is studying once a week to get someone to pick up her toddler from day care at 4:30.

My son is not dependable, and likes to do Michael Jackson-style babysitting, like holiding him over the railing or near the railing of our balcony. So I tell my daughter not to count on him. My youngest daughter is the same. She likes to take him to her friends' homes, and I don't really like her friends. I don't want them giving the kid a bottle filled with Red Bull and Vodka or worse... So that leaves myself, the Smasher (3rd daughter), and Hubby.

So grand-dad picked him up last week. I walked into the house an hour later to see them playing nicely with PlayDo. I looked at the shapes Hubby was making.

"Look familiar?" he asks and laughs that wicked laugh of his as he hands me a rather large, circumcised PlayDo mold.

"Jesuz Christ!" I look at him and try to stifle a laugh. "What the hell did you tell him THAT was?"

Yesterday evening they were making breasts with different colored nipples and putting them in a neat row on the floor.

I give up. It's just so difficult to find good babysitters.


Ahavah-Shim'eon said...

so true, so true :0D

I left my no1 son - then aged 3 months with my brother in law and his girlfriend while we went to the pictures..... they fed him fig-biscuits while he was watching snooker..... 'as he seemed to like them'

a whole packet of fig-biscuits....


jerusalemgypsy said...

Oh my, Ahava, and you were left to clean up the (diaper) mess he made afterwards, didn't you. That was cruel of them. :-)