Monday, September 28, 2009

Confessions - A Yom Kippur Lament

It's 1/2 hour after Yom Kippur ended and already I have sinned four times. I'm supposed to have a clean slate now. But, naturally, I fucked it up. The first sin, I believe came after I came back from synagogue and found that the 24 hour candle, from which I was supposed to light the Havadalah (separation) candle used for the ceremony to end the holiday, went out. You need to light the candle with an existing light. Rather than running around to neighbors to find an already lit light, I just switched on the stove and lit it from there. The next sin was when I was warming up chicken soup leftover from yesterday and saw that the spoon I used was a spoon I use with dairy foods. I don't (usually) mix dairy dishes/setting with those I use for meat. Ooops. Then as I said the prayers that tell God that "I promise that I won't sin again," I'm thinking - yeah, right. I'm planning to go to Taybeh on Saturday, the day of rest, to drink Taybeh beer with Christian Palestinians (and naughty Moslems) next week for the Oktoberfest celebrations. And Hubby just rented a ridiculous looking green car. For sure I'm gonna want to escape on Saturdays to the north or to the beach. For sure. But if God is tolerant to non-Orthodox Jews, which I believe He is, then you know what? I'm quite ok.

Anyway, take a look at this green car. We all had strange, trippy dreams last night, and I'm wondering if it's because of the car.

And our television stations take a break on Yom Kippur and don't come back on for two hours after the fast. Even the town perverts have to take a break on Yom Kippur because the Blue Hustler and Playboy stations are off for the day.

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Ahavah-Shim'eon said...

ahhhh - I do believe this is a definate time for an 'oy vey'....