Sunday, November 07, 2004


I have to backtrack to Thursday because today was so uneventful. I'm staying late at work to see the movie Shall We Dance. Two girls at work bonked out on me - one for a good reason, because she is ultra-orthodox, her year of mourning is not up and she cannot go to any entertainment. The other one wanted to go with her mum. But I'm like her mum, I insist. Never mind. I went with my other friend, the one who always feels sick when I'm with her. Last time we went out she felt like throwing up. Good thing her boyfriend was there in the pub with me while she went outside for some air. This time she said she thought she was feverish, but decided she'll join me anyways. That is a good friend. The mood was so weird that day. Bush just got re-elected and I kept on getting assorted calls from friends and kids around 7:00 pm - "Arafat is dead" "Arafat is still alive" "Arafat is dead" "Arafat is getting better". I couldn't wait to get out already. It was like the Monty Python skit about the Dead Parrot - "Is he dead yet?" My friend finally got to the office and we got to the movie at starting time. Only one teller at the booth. My friend has balls and I don't so SHE complains about how can there be only one ticket seller during opening time! Then she takes a movie guide and generously cuts out all the photos of Richard Gere to give to me while I'm waiting on line to buy tix. We went shopping after the film and then this albino guy who worked at the store spills bleach or white liquid laundry detergent all over the floor. It wasn't very nice, but we turned away from that aisle and laughed until our sides hurt. Because everything was so white, his clothes, his hair, the detergent he poured all over the floor, plus we didn't know if Arafat was alive or dead. It was just complete madness. My favorite line in that silly but enjoyable movie was when the loudmouth dancer wanted to have one of the students as her partner - her student of choice of course being Mr. Gere. Hey why not. Someone asks him "What are you waiting for?" as he just sits there, not really wishing to be that one's partner. He says questioningly "Divine Intervention?" Heh, heh. Aren't we all waiting for some of that...

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