Monday, November 08, 2004

Fashion sense

Imagine the horror when I came into work early this morning - in fact, very early this morning - at 7:30 am, and my 75 year old male boss says to me - "Hey, I've got the exact same sweater!" What would your first thought be? Mine was - Oh shit, I think I gotta go and return this thing RIGHT NOW. I went on a shopping spree last night and got myself some new secondhand duds. They were real nice. Stuff from the Gap and from very good quality Israeli and European chains like Zara. I was so happy with the blue cotton pullover sweater from the GAP I had gotten for myself for the change-of-season weather we have in Jerusalem now. Until I wore it to work today. I thought I'd get some "ooohs and aaaahs" of approval from my colleagues as I model my new wardrobe at work. But no. My senior citizen boss, who should really be golfing in Caesarea at his age, tells me I have the exact same taste in clothes as he. This is actually very terrifying. I actually went to this store wanting to look a bit more polished. My Peggy Bundy days are over, I told myself as I looked through the clothing racks and ignored the leopard prints. I did want to look a bit more older and even sophisticated. But not that much older.


apple said...

Ah Leah, you just made me laugh. I wouldn't worry about the pullover, or about 'not looking polished'. You look lovely, revealed by your earlier photo. That, and you are actually devoted to something that matters. Speaks volumes more about you than a blue cotton pullover ever could. My own mother often looks frazzled as she is usually too busy with work and running a house to worry about her nails. I feel bad sometimes that she doesn't spend time on herself, but then I see these 'done up' women and think, 'Thank God that's not my mother'. There's a certain grace in what you do that can't ever be captured by what you wear. That said, I'm curious about your 'Peggy Bundy' days. That is one bizarre image indeed.

Keep well!

timx said...

What's wrong with Peggy Bundy? I'm a big fan. Tight leopard-skin - the idea brings me out in a flush!