Sunday, January 27, 2008

Birthday blues

It's nearing my birthday and I'm feeling unusually lonely. Hubby is not here to celebrate, and in past birthday celebrations, we would go to a very nice, even posh, restaurant for dinner. I'm thinking a lunch special at a nice hotel would be nice, but my girlfriends are either on diets or don't want to spend the money. I know there are people around who love to eat out. Where are they all? Are they all coupled off?

Hubby got tickets to Bon Jovi and is getting tickets to Ozzy Osbourne in Toronto. It would have been fun to go with him, even though I'd probably need to wear earplugs. He called up old friends and some cousins and they're going with him. Money is easier to come by over there and people are comfortable spending $100 and upwards for a concert ticket.

I'm thinking there's a concert here with a local Jerusalem band who will be playing with Sudanese musicians at Daila on Thursday. That's funky enough for me. The cost is under $5. So I could gather a few of my friends and have a fun night out. That's if the snow doesn't get to Jerusalem to lock us in our homes - all one inch of it or so.

Thankfully my usually raucous and complaining soldier girl was making me laugh with her terrible English. She pronounces "onions" "ongions" and her grandmother tried to have a conversation with her about coming to Canada and joining the police force in Toronto. She got off the phone and told me about the conversation. I told her to check it out more thoroughly. They may have a height requirement there.

"Really" she seemed amazed, and continued.

"They don't have that here. That's 'cos everyone here are pidgets."

"You mean 'midgets' don't you darling."

She smiled her dimpled smile, and I hugged her for one whole minute.

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