Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot times in the City

At the beginning of the month there was a Sextival in Tel Aviv. I laughed at the headlines in some of the news articles: "Sex Festival Penetrates Tel Aviv" - "Make Love Not War"..... Of course I didn't go even though I was tempted to take a voyeuristic peek at the goings-on and who goes to such places. With my Hubby being in Canada, it was hard (no pun intended) to find a partner-in-crime. It would have been actually fun to go and then bump into all these people whom you know but that you wouldn't have expected them to be there.

Then my HOT Cables were not behaving internet-wise and twice the internet stopped working - even now as I'm staying late at work not to work but to blog because I have no internet at home. My son is fighting me for the TV as he's "bored" without his internet companion.

My soldier daughter had a fit at my son and slapped him across the face for not helping me out one Friday. Then there was a whole lot of yelling and screaming which prompted my only neighbor on our floor to quickly lock her door, in case the war spilled over to her apartment. Did she actually think we were gonna just run and chase each other in her apartment? Probably. So much for our wonderful reputation in our new apartment.

And last week it was so warm, the almond blossoms were beginning to bloom, and I had put away my heavy winter coat in the closet, only to put it on again today. They say it'll snow again in Jerusalem.

We could use a bit of cooling off here, I think.

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