Saturday, February 02, 2008

designer racks

My birthday passed uneventfully yesterday. My daughter, the one who does absolutely nothing (I asked her ONCE to take out the newspapers to the garbage outside and she dutifully took them outside our apartment and dumped them in the stairwell!), took me out for breakfast and made fish. She actually cut up some veggies and made Nile Perch for Friday night dinner. Breakfast was lovely at the Mizrachi restaurant in the shuk, which was decorated with balloons for someone else's birthday and Rolling Stones' music played in the background. I didn't want to leave. But how much breakfast can one eat?

Then I got assorted FaceBook messages and overseas phone calls from my sister and Hubby wishing me a happy one.

Bored out of my mind with staying home with nowhere to go since Tuesday evening, two cute salesmen from the Yes Satellite company convinced me to switch loyalties from Hot Cable Television. I had been with Hot for 12 years, and never faced any major problems with them at all, but I needed some excitement in my life right now and, unfortunately for me, switching from cable to satellite might do it.

Then with 100 or so extra shekels in my pocket after shopping in the shuk, I bought what every Israeli has in their home because mine was shattered.

The shattered rack:

A clothes drying rack. No one here uses an electric dryer. We all have one, of course, but we don't use them. Not unless it rains for 3 weeks straight and there is no way the clothes will dry indoors on these racks. But with the luxury of central heating, clothes did manage to dry indoors on those racks.

I went into the Iranian store where I got my Breville, praying I won't get ripped off. I saw the cheap drying racks that I had bought before and chose one over double the price. He wanted 175 NIS at first for it telling me that "it's Italian".

"It's plastic!!" I protested. "I don't need Italian designer clothes drying racks. I really don't. I don't care where they make the damn thing, I just want something strong that won't break!!"

"OK, for you, I'll make it 135 NIS"

It was 10 NIS less than where I saw it at another place. I had the cash. OK I'll take it.

In the end, I bought my Italian "designer" clothes drying rack, and made my daughter carry it home for me.

The Italian designer rack:


Emah S said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Titchadshi with that rack.....I have the same one but I think mine is made by Keter. I wonder if yours will fold your clothes for you after they're dry? :) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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Irene M. said...

What do small business cash advances have to do with a drying rack, heidi!? HAHA!!!

I really wish that these were commonplace in the US. There is nothing like having clothes that were dried by the warm, open air over an electric dryer. I like the "fluff" a dryer provides, but I love the feeling of air-dried clothes more!