Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pass-over the bus

The holiday came and went. I don't know why God thinks it's so amusing to send us a friggin' heat wave during the only week I have off work, when I want to do fun things. I had to put on air conditioning and basically did not do the touristy things like go to Tel Aviv, or to the many local attractions that were probably crowded as anything with the entire country plus visitors on vacation.

Instead, I spent most of my time with my two oldest daughters and the grandchild. The eldest daughter just got her driver's license, though lord knows how. Twice she nearly ran over someone. The first time I screamed - STOP!!, but she kept on going as a car swept 1 inch past us. She's like friggin' Mr. Magoo. She gave some excuse like "but the lane was empty!" The second time, she nearly ran over someone innocently crossing the street at a crosswalk. I pinched her arm - hard. I figured screaming doesn't do it. Maybe pain will.

"Why didn't you stop?" I asked her as the man crossing the street looked at her and put a finger to his head in a circular motion, noting that she's a nutty driver.

"I couldn't. There was a car coming up on the left side of me."

But we made it to the Talpiot shopping district without hurting anyone, killing anyone or getting dented or scratching any car. God is good. He watched over us. My heart rate was beating abnormally fast though for the duration of the day. We sat down for an overpriced lunch at one of the few restaurants in the area open during Passover.

The next day we took a trip to another neighborhood, and she missed the turn and got lost. Fortunately, we made the way back to where we were supposed to go without too much trouble.

So this was my Passover holiday folks. But it could have been worse. Like this morning.

You know when you travel by bus, you don't always notice who the people are sitting in back of you. This morning, I had no idea who these people were, but I could hear them. The first was an old man from the sound of him, coughing and spitting. I prayed he didn't get his gob on my hair. Now may be a better time than ever for me to cover my hair - if just for that reason alone. The next passenger sitting in back of me sounded younger, but she sneezed and sneezed and sneezed. I hoped none of that stuff got stuck onto my hair either.

And then I kinda missed those hairy scary car rides with my daughter.

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