Saturday, April 19, 2008

When to tell or not to tell

I was sitting for 1 1/2 hours locked out of my house this afternoon. I had gone without my keys to visit my daughter who, for once, because of Passover, decided to stay home with her husband and baby this weekend to be with us. When I left, one hour earlier, one of my daughters was sleeping; the other was in a PMS mood, glaring at just the sight of me, while she watched TV. So I thought during the hour, they'd stay where they were. I waited for my second eldest to come home from Jerusalem outside my apartment building. Little kids passed me by, thinking perhaps I was punished and kicked out of my house, as they kept looking back at me, wondering what this woman was doing sitting on the little concrete space in front of the building, and I think I must have wished all 30 tenants a Happy Passover as they walked in and out of the building.

Maybe it was a way for one of my children to get back at me for not lying to her boyfriend. He called me the other day asking if I had given her 50 shekels. I told him "no, I didn't." I knew this would get her into trouble. Did she take from him? His family? I don't know. Did she have money in her bank account. This, I also don't know. But what I do know is that I hate lying about money, and don't want my kids to lie about it either. It's nasty.

But there are other things I can lie about. My married daughter just got her driving license which means I have to go on driving excursions with her as she needs to have someone in the car with her for 3 months while she is a new driver. Parking is difficult for her. I coached her as she parked in front of the bakery.

"When do you know how far ahead to go?" she asked.

"You just get used to it. If you feel a bump, then you know to stop." was my sage advice.

We didn't feel any bump, and I looked out and saw she was close enough to the curb.

She looked back at the car and saw the front of the car nearly touching the curb.

"Don't tell my husband what I just did, OK?" she pleaded with me.

"Sure, I won't tell him."

And I'm mighty fine with that. There are just some things men shouldn't know about their wives, especially with brand new used cars.

Happy Passover to those that celebrate this.....


Lars Shalom said...

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