Saturday, June 21, 2008


Saturday mornings can be a perfect escape from reality. I spent a good few hours in the morning daydreaming....

In the first daydream, I have a good size part in You Don't Mess With the Zohan, Part II. In the movie, I'm of course Adam's older Israeli sister, who gets mistaken for a Puerto Rican, an older prostitute (Israeli women can dress trashy). The shopkeeper nods his head and says to no one as she walks out the door, "these hookers don't know when to stop working...". Zohan's sister, of course, hates his girlfriend, lets her Palestinian neighbors think she's Puerto Rican, etc.. And I, of course, make a good coupla million dollars for my role, get out of debt and furnish my house and even buy a new car!

In my second daydream, I'm protecting Palestinian farmers from rampaging settlers in the fields of the Hebron Hills.

I say to the angry young settlers, "If you really believe this is Holy Land, why desecrate it with hate and anger and violence. Do you think this is what God wants? To see the Children of Abraham fighting amongst themselves?"

I try to get a dialogue going about the commonalities of Islam and Judaism, but am not succeeding too well. Both sides are just glaring at the other.

I try to shake the young men's hands at the end of our dialogue and they walk away from me muttering "I'm not shaking hands with an Arab lover."

I yell back at them..."I bless you to one day not only shake hands with Arab lovers, but to hug and dance with your Arab brothers.."

And I say to the soldiers who had just arrived on the scene, "I bless you that you will not need any more bullets, and that only flowers and balloons will come out of your guns."

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