Wednesday, July 30, 2008

how do they know???

My daughter, who has too much time on her hands, has decided we are good fodder for Israeli TV. She called me up and tried expaining to me that one of the producers for Israeli reality shows called her and wanted to interview us for the "wife swap" or "mother swap" program - whatever it's called. When I told my other kids, they were hysterical.

"Those ratings will go sky high with this dysfunctional family."

"Yeah, we don't even have to act."

I was thinking that perhaps someone told somebody I was making disgusting healthy food like brown rice and tempeh and tofu, and they probably thought, "Hey! Let's put her with some Moroccan family who are used to eating heavy meat meals each and every day with 15 courses for each meal and see what it'll be like for that family to eat wholesome yucky food - one course per meal."

I imagine they'd also want me to do homework with their bratty kids. Right. I can help with English homework but that's about it.

And cleaning? That's another horror story that will cause whichever family I would be swapped to - to cry out in grief (and appreciate their own mother).

Like when I notice Hubby staring out the window at the neighbor across from us. She's always cleaning and it makes him sick. I don't know why, but he's always complaining that she's always cleaning and yelling at the kids. He loves a neat house. So why complain? Is it because he's jealous because I barely clean and he has to do all the cruddy work? I honestly don't know.

Meanwhile, I haven't given my daughter an answer whether we are gonna do this show or not.

But it sure is giving me the laughs just thinking about it.

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