Sunday, July 06, 2008


There's always a slew of people with the Jerusalem Syndrome. People, usually foreigners, who believe they are some biblical character. I've seen serious Moses, Jesus, King David impersonators, although these people do not believe they are impersonating. They believe they are for real.

Hubby does not claim to be Job or Jesus but he is certainly on the way to becoming the Eternal Sufferer. He really suffers. From everything. From the way the kids talk to him, from a house that he imagines to be dirty, from the way I relate to him, the way the people are in this country, from the way the cabinets open in the kitchen, the way the chicken tastes, dishes in the sink, the negative way his mother speaks to him, that everyone is after him, me inviting Arabs into our house for monthly meetings (what will the neighbors think of us), no car, no money, and not enough head. These are his gripes and it's tough. So much so that I told him if he's not gonna take any happy pills, then he may as well blog about it because that's therapy in itself.

"What shall we call it then?" he piped up. I couldn't believe something I said interested the guy.

"Why don't we just call it - 'Boy Do I Suffer'"

And he laughed for about 10 minutes straight, which was the last bit of happiness I heard from him in since....

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