Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be careful of what you wish for

I used to often think wistfully of the times when I lived in New York City - where there was never a lack of famous bands/singers performing. New York would always be on their routes. Although this is still not at the New York level, it seems as though Israel is going to have a glut of well-known performers coming over too - many for the first time and some for the first time in years.

Check out this website for a current list - however - rumours are flying about Bob Dylan, though I hadn't seen anything in the English papers about him.

So from all - who do you think is worth seeing?

Hubby just gave a great, long sigh when he heard of all the upcoming concerts. Things were so much more financially simple when no one came. We just spent our fun money on restaurants. And now...looks like things will be very different.


Anonymous said...

I am partial to Santana and Elton John!

Sara said...

Santana and Elton John are the two I would chose....because I remember them from their earliest days! My coming of age and their music sort of goes together....and who ever imagined they'd still be giving concerts about 40 years later! Pretty amazing.