Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cookie crumbles

Be careful who you start conversations with standing at bus stops.  It's not like people are dangerous here.  They aren't.  And it's easy to jump into a stranger's conversation.  The stranger who is talking usually looks around and talks to whoever is standing around.  Some are receptive and sometimes one can engage in fun conversation about all sorts of things while waiting for the bus.

So yesterday I jumped into a bus stop conversation about People.  Persian people and then Russian people.

"Not all of them are bad" said a woman to a man.

"You always get one bad apple in the tree" the man answered.

I interjected in Hebrew, "Well, what do you think about Canadians?"

Bad move on my part.  The man continued his tirade all throughout the 40 minute bus ride with me about his Canadian neighbor whose dog barked outside every day at 4:00 am. 

"I told her I was going to kill the dog."  He leered at me.  He clearly isn't too fond of Canadians.  Then he went on about putting talcum powder on the floor and I couldn't understand half of what he was saying.  I really just wanted to relax on the bus ride home and not talk to anyone. 

I got home and tried to make dinner.  The two men in the family began bickering.

"Who ate my cookies?" demanded Hubby.  Someone at work made chocolate chip cookies for me for my birthday  I brought them home and told Hubby that they were for him for HIS birthday this week.  He was so happy.  Before the cookies were eaten, that is. 

My son admitted to the crime. 

"There were only 10 left!"

"10!!!  YOU ATE ALL 10???? YOU PIG!!!" and a war of the words started, with name calling back and forth, which ended up with my son throwing Hubby's files out of our son's room, where they are kept, and then Hubby taking the computer monitor out of our son's room and putting it into our locked storage room.

And then I thought it is much easier dealing with strangers on the bus, who can talk the ass out of a turkey, than this.

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Ahavah-Shim'on said...

Perhaps a safe for hubbies birthday present... one that is 'son-proof' and where he can store his cookies with peace of mind.