Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I prepared so well, I thought, for the upcoming ticket sales in Israel for the Elton John concert in June.  I read the reports  of groups trying to get him to boycott Israel.  Yawn.  This is getting boring already.  They do this to every celebrity who books concerts here.  Most ignore the boycott pleas and threats.  I hope Elton has the balls to pay no heed to these party poopers.  Cancelling a concert will not make things better for Palestinians in this country.  It'll just piss me off and probably a few other peacemakers too. 

But getting back to the tickets...Advance ticket sales were available to Bank Discount members beginning from 7:00 pm last night.  I'm a member (or rather my husband is) - even though that bank pisses me off - except when they give their members perks such as this.   I called up the bank last week to make sure that my credit card was open and ok to accept purchases.  After all, it has been over a year since I used it.  The bank clerk told me that there is no problem with the card.  Yesterday I called another bank clerk to get more credit in case I want to buy more than 4 tickets.  He said everything is fine.  Wonderful.  I'm ready.

I did some errands then came back to the office at 6:45 pm and got the website ready on my computer.  Of course by the time 7:00 pm rolled around, it took me 20 minutes to get onto the site.  I finally got in.  Yay!  I filled out all the information they needed, picked out some fabulous seats in the front row on the side of the stage - very close to the stage, in fact -  and then took my credit card out.  I plugged in the numbers, my ID number, etc. and then I saw the expiry date.  I look at the card - remember, I had been planning this for a week already - and the expiry date says 09/09.  SHIT!  I tried putting in a random expiry date, but the computer is smart.  It doesn't take my card.  I use the other Visa I have, but the computer insists I use the Bank Discount credit card.  I leave the webpage open, just in case I never get in again because of all the people trying to buy tickets at the same time.   

I have to think fast.  I call up the credit card company.  I'm frantic.  I'm wondering if there are more frantic people calling them about Elton John.

"Look, I'm trying to buy Elton John tickets, and my visa date expired.  Can you give me a new updated date?  Please?"

It seems hopeful at first while the clerk puts me on hold probably to speak to his manager.  He comes back on.

"Sorry. You have to speak to your bank about this.  We don't give new expiry dates."

"But my bank doesn't open until 8:30 in the morning" I wailed. "Can't you give me a temporary one?"

"No.  I'm so sorry."  He really sounded sympathetic.  But there was no point in arguing with him.  I had to think quickly while the ticket sales website was still on the payment page. 

AH!  I remembered that a good friend of mine has a Discount Visa.  We tried doing this together, but she had a difficult time with the Hebrew instructions.  I guided her through but the transaction failed.  She doesn't have enough credit on her card.

Never give up.  My Complainer daughter has to do something good for her mother, doesn't she, instead of chronically complaining all the time.  I call her several times.  She doesn't answer her phone. 

It's 8:00 pm, and no tickets.  I go out for dinner with friends.  My daughter calls and apologizes (!). She was working and couldn't answer her phone, but if I'm in town, we can go home together.

Yes, and I could take your Visa, I thought.  She didn't complain when I asked her for it.  Not a flinch.  When I arrived home after midnight I went into my son's room where the computer is.  I let him rant and rave about me making noise.  I tried to bribe him with concert tickets but he's not interested.  I finally get into the site.  Most of the great seats are gone - except for the very expensive lawn seats.  I get a gate close to the stage, but 23 rows up.  Not bad.  Not as great as I could have gotten had I had an updated credit card, but they were good nevertheless.

So Elton, hang'll be a rocky road with every asshole trying to get you to cancel the concert.  Don't listen to anyone.  Just do what you have to do so we can all have a great time together....


Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

i love how you sing palestinians and then spend all your money on fun

Vianna ee Nascimento said...

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jerusalemgypsy said...

Don't worry Rabbi. Most of my time is spent on Palestinian/Israeli dialogue and once or twice a year I do spend money on fun. Nothing wrong with that. It's not a sin :-)