Monday, February 15, 2010

While you are all snowed under....

here in the Holy Land, we are basking in the sun.  I usually don't like to make you people living with cold weather jealous, but today I'll make an exception.

We ate at Bariba overlooking the Yarkon River and Reading plant

Mullet fish over risotto in saffron sauce

The best mushroom gnocchi I've ever tasted covered with Parmesean foam (!)

All sorts of people passed by

That dog wants ice cream

some people went boating

some kids went swimming

The Farmers Market was in full swing

one of Hubby's favorite stores on Dizengoff Street with the latest fashion in undies (if you can call them that)

Road signs wishing travellers a Shabbat Shalom


lars shalom said...

this is tel aviv? write us some

jerusalemgypsy said...

Yes, yes. Silly me. Not everyone knows where the Yarkon River is...