Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I feel cheated

No one told me that they were changing the clocks back. Hubby watches the US Fox News and they could give two shits about time changes in Israel. So Hubby woke ne up at what he and I thought was 6:15. I showered and ran off to the grocers to buy the daily bread and humous and whatever-else-is-missing-in-my-house. I had to leave by 7:00 or I'd be late for work and the Professor would not be too pleased. I walk out - streets are empty. A little too empty for 6:45 am. Then it dawned on me that it just might have happened without my knowledge. I thought they turned the clocks back today and bluntly brushed off one of my kids when she thought it was last night. Of course at what was really 5:45 am the store was closed. I felt like a fool. My first thought was I should really go back to bed, but on the other hand, I had time for a decent breakfast. I opted for waiting 15 minutes until the store opened. This store only takes cash. I only had a check because there was a strike yesterday and all banks, post offices, airports were shut down. People emptied out the cash machines at the banks. "Do you mind taking a check from me today because of the strike and I can't get money out" I asked the cashier. "Is the check good?" she asked. They all ask me if the check is good. All stores. What should I tell them. "No. It's a bad check, but can I write a bad check? Oh please, please PLEASE!" You write a bad check in this country and they come after you with a vengeance. It happened to me years ago and I ignored paying them back. So the sent a lawyer's letter and tacked on tons more money and then it can go to debtor's court and quadruple in amount. So it really does NOT pay to write bad checks here.

I just heard from my son that there was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem in French Hill. It's not at any route where my kids would have been travelling. My daughter just set out by bus to meet me downtown to buy some shoes. This is what people do here when there is a terrorist attack. You get on the next bus and go.


High-Ranger said...

You must have still been asleep!! You posted twice
HA,HA. Sometimes I think the time change was a test of the nations to see who they could brainwash the easiest. Most in the USA go through a time change also. So, I know how confusing it can be. The US channel did not mention the time change, because the time does not change in the USA until sometime later next month?? Next time you're asked about a bad check, do as I do, throw it on the counter; say see it didn't bounce!! it must be good LOL. Well feel uncheated, at least through all the bombings you and your family are safe. Have a GREAT WEEK!!! I haven't written here or e-mail because the hurricanes are washing out the USA. Anyway I'm back now to hopefully put a smile on your face somedays..

singlegalnyc said...

Sounds like the Israel I know and love! That is, the "get on the next bus" bit, not the "bad check" balagon. However, my ex-bf used to spend more money than he had all the time - from his checking account! I told him I was jealous b/c that simply wouldn't fly here, ie having a negative balance. I'm missing Israel lots, even the frustrating parts; it's *really* time for me to come back. SHANA HAZOT BA'YERUSHALAYIM!

Anonymous said...

Does the media in Isreal give "two shits" and make
note of the time change in the U.S. ?????????????