Thursday, September 02, 2004

Back to School

The first day of school began yesterday. Let's start from the youngest. He went off quickly in order to get a good seat for his 6th grade class. What is this a theatre? Or a Stones concert where you wait on-line for 6 hours (or overnight) in order to get a good seat? What goes on? I was proud of him though for thinking that way and being gung-ho about school. My 2nd youngest - the Criminal - left happily when the van came to pick her up. 2 hours later there were 6 calls that I missed. I called the number up. It was the van driver. "Your daughter caused me alot of trouble on the way back from school (they had school for 2 hours that day). She didn't want to get into the van and demanded I let her off in town and that you let." You did the right thing, I assured the poor, miserable van driver. I called home. "I don't want them to TOUCH me! They grabbed me and threw me in the van." my daughter complained. "Well, that is because you didn't want to go in the van in the first place. - what else could they have done?" I explained. But that was that. She wants out. She's bored of our neighborhood. She wants to go to school where her boyfriend goes to school and blah blah blah. By the time I got home from work she was gone and never showed up at school today. I assured the school that she was hanging out at her boyfriend's school nearby. It was a very strong mother's instinct. Somehow she's not getting any notion of what responsbility is. How different can kids be. The third daughter now is waiting for a special program for her to get into - we're meeting this woman tomorrow. And the eldest are back in their National Service. The 18 year old began today and people scared her with "they're horrible at that place, you have to touch used needles and urine bottles, you have to work on Fridays." I assured her not to listen to anyone and to see for herself. Sure enough, none of the horrors she heard were true. At least now everyone (almost everyone) is back into a routine, and summer is over. The downtown area of Jerusalem is back to just being a shopping area, with the festive decorations from the street festivals taken down as well as the stage area. So that was sad. And sad as well is knowing that daylight will get shorter in one week because that's how it is here. There's never a set time when to turn the clocks back, (they change the dates every year) and I wish we could have longer daylight hours just one month more! Why does it have to be dark and depressing the beginning of September?


timx said...

A normal family day then!

lisoosh said...

But Succot is coming Yay, the best holiday of the year in Jerusalem.
Yes I will be back in Jerusalem. My in-laws live in Kiryat Menachem, I used to live in Bet HaKerem, best neighbourhood in Jerusalem. We will be renting a car as I will have the kids, so buses are out. How is Nahalat Shiva these days? There used to be a store there selling crystals, near where Cheesecake used to be, is it still there? Other places - there was a cool tearoom near the Jerusalem theatre and there was also a great vegan/vegetarian restaurant on Emek Refaim - are either of those still there either? - Might be a great place to meet!!!

kanenabe said...

Oh leah I know how depressing it gets once daylight hours start getting shorter! I experienced it while over here in Tasmania for the first time in my life in May and June and I've got to admit that I got all depressed over it.

Coming from the tropics where the hours are a constant 7 to 7, it was almost unbearable to watch the sun disappear at... 4:30pm?! Thankfully spring is on its way now and the daylight hours are lengthening...

Responsibility is something not everyone comprehends, or wants to accept, regardless of the age. Sometimes it takes a good knock on the head before they come to their senses. I've a few friends like that.

Anonymous said...


I am thinking of subletting an apt in Bet Hakerem for a year. Can you tell me why you think it's the best neighborhood in Jerusalem. I'm single in my late 30s, not strictly observant, and want to avoid being isolated where I live socially,etc.. What is the area like in terms of cafes, restaurants, people.

Would appreciate your thoughts.


jerusalemgypsy said...

Hi steve,

The best neighborhoods for you are:

1. German Colony
2. Bakaa
3. Nachlaot

Good luck!