Thursday, May 11, 2006

after the storm

It's been so crazy at work. My 70-something year old Boss insisted I get to work at 7:30 am and stay until 6:00 pm. For two weeks. I would attend meetings where any interruption on my part (how dare a slave interrupt for even her knowlegeable two cents?) would get a "hard stare" from him which prompted someone else to whisper "I know he's not gonna kill you, but he sure looks like he will." But he's away now for a month and I can - well - breath. No more coming home at 7:30 pm and eating dinner at 9:00 pm and conking out soon afterwards.

A friend called me on the phone and I actually spoke to her for 5 minutes and didn't just hang up on her as I do when Mr. Boss is here and senses when I've just got a call. I actually am prepared to start wedding fundraising - though in Israel one should have a letter from a Rabbi saying you're down and out, because then it seems more legitimate. But what if one does not have a rabbi as I don't? I am trying local rabbis that my dad knew to see if they will help. One doesn't write letters and the other is difficult to reach. It seems that only the Ultra-Orthodox have a wonderful network of funds available for this type of thing. My friend told me to write a letter to God about it, which I have time to do today.

Now that the dust is settling - I am starting with a public grateful list to God.

1. I am grateful my Boss is away for a month and I can concentrate on important personal matters that need my attention like sending out invites and fundraising.

2. I am grateful that Hubby has a job in Haifa for 2 weeks because I will have a break from "get me a coke, go to the store and buy me cigarettes, bring me this and bring me that" and other assorted Caveman requests. But I will still miss him and will probably end up sleeping in my daughters' room.

3. I am grateful that the ritalin my son is taking is kicking in. The teachers have told me he still doesn't learn but at least he isn't disturbing the class anymore. (Should I dose Hubby with this?) I actually feel so evil, preparing my Son's drink in the morning. I melt down his pill which I put into this nasty, artificial rasberry flavored drink. This was our compromise. But I feel like I'm one of those soap opera characters spiking the drinks to either kill people or make them sleep.

4. I'm grateful for the upcoming Interfaith weekend in the mixed Druze/Moslem/Christian community of Magar in the Galilee this weekend. I had planned to go to the Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival originally, but that would have been unaffordable at this time. But this is far more rewarding. I won't have to hear my kids squabble like I did last weekend.

5. I am grateful for the organic greens (which is my weekly splurge) I am getting every week now for the past 2 weeks, previously unavailable in Israel - like Daikon and green tops, carrots with tops, kale, asian greens and mustard greens. I feel so much healthier cooking up a batch each day.

and what is everyone else out there grateful for?


anne said...

1. I am grateful that I just was able to quit my job and will only be working one job at 25 hours rather than two at 60.

2. I am grateful it is spring and things are growing and blooming and I can plant all my plants.

3. I am grateful I get to go to a local baseball game tonight and that even though it's raining right now, the group I'm going with has rented a box for us to all be in.

4. I am grateful that I get to travel to Africa in a few months to help out an orphanage that we support.

Anonymous said...

1) I'm grateful that I'll be able to afford a plane ticket to see my parents in two weeks. They're getting older and I've lived away from them for 18 years now. It would have been different if I could have stayed there and spent time with them regularly instead of just a weekly phone call. I'm know I'm going to have to bury them someday. They seem so much older everytime I go home.

2) I'm grateful for the Men's ministry that's taking off at my church. I'm one of the older guys in a Manhattan church of 20- and 30-somethings and these young guys desperately need some mentoring by more mature brothers. I'm grateful the sisters see it as a positive force and not a mysoginistic frat boys club.

3) I'm grateful God has openned my very closed eyes to love people instead of just loving myself.

4) I'm grateful for our Jerusalem Gypsy :)

Emah S said...

...I'm grateful for a confirmation of our Aliyah date....July 5, our 8th wedding anniversary...

...I'm grateful for my little boys who are still little enough to think that I am the greatest thing since sliced bread! (they're 5 and almost 3)...

...I'm grateful hubby is going to Israel tomorrow for 2 weeks to scope things out, and will come home with that renewed sense of longing to be will energize us and get us through the following month...

...I'm grateful that you've gotten me to stop and think of things to be grateful for in a time when we often spend our days running from one thing to another, stressed over what needs to be done....thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful I found this blog, for my good health, the new bicycle I got for my birthday, my home in a safe neighborhood, my job, my boss who can be a pain, but who challenges me, my lovely mother, my dog, and grateful for each day I make it, one more day, one more breath, running from the black.