Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weird shit goin' on

This is going to sound weird. It's like I'm in the Holy Land, in the holy city of Jerusalem with a direct line to God. So I complained to my girlfriends last week that Hubby just had a short 2 week stint in Haifa and he'll be coming back soon to torment me with his Caveman Ways over the weekend.

"Jeez, I wish God would send him another job in Haifa." I muttered.

The girls in my office laughed and said "Amen" in unison.

Today, Hubby called to tell me-

"I got another job in Haifa" - it's a small job, but another job.

"OH GREAT! That means you'll be up there next week too?"

Is there not a God in this world? Or is it just my personal genie?

And sometimes He plays rough with me. Like yesterday when I got the fax ready for my boss who is in the States containing 8 pages worth of messages. It was 10:30 am in Jerusalem and 3:30 am in the States. I stretched back in my chair and said out loud.

"OK. I'm done with your fax. I'm a ready for you now Mr. Boss". The girls in my office laughed.

"Don't say that too loud" warned one.

I kid you not. Less than 60 seconds later the phone rings and it's Mr. Boss. It's 3:30 am in the friggin' morning and he has nothing better to do than to call me and pick up his messages. Why? WHY????

You really have to watch what you say these days because freaky things like this are constantly happening.

So now my daughter's wedding is less than a month away. I'm far from my goal of $5000 for wedding expenses. So God. Or genie. If you can do these funky things for me when it comes to my boss and Hubby, try it for my daughter. Please. Just this once. Or twice. Bring those miracles on......

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Anonymous said...

how irreverent you are!