Wednesday, June 07, 2006

10 top signs the messiah is coming

As in Arabic folklore when a pidgeon shits on you and it's supposed to bring good luck to the shitee, I wondered if the same good luck applies when you find dog poo right in front of the entrance to your place of work - which is what happened to me more than once and this morning as I gingerly tried to step over and around the many pieces.

My boss is impatient and wanted me to print out something for him.

"Is it printing" he demanded to know 1 second after he asked me to print the document.

In turn I glared at the printer as if to tell it - if it doesn't start printing immediately back it goes to the Printer Pound. Fortunately, it listened a second after my terrifying stare and began printing immediately.

I had gone to visit my brother and my 2 great nephews were there. They are Ultra-Orthodox Jews and were talking in Hip-speak with words like "dude" and "awesome" and "cool" smattered in their vocabulary. I was so totally amused by the way they looked with their black hats and black suits and their "homeboy" speak.

Somewhere in our conversations, I pointed out to them the messianic signs of the times.

"You know Mattisyahu is opening up for Sting on Thursday, in Tel Aviv, don't you?" I asked the boys.

"Who's Mattisyahu?" asked my uncool but lovely 65 year old sister.

Her grandchildren told her "A Hassidic rapper".

"Isn't this totally like messianic (using the Yiddish term "Moshiach-dik") times...." I asked the boys.

".....when a Jewish guy, totally decked out in Ultra-Orthodox garb, unashamed of who is he, in fact proud of who he is, performs with a world-famous rock singer? And his album made it to the top 10 in Billboard?" I continued, not sure they knew what "Billboard" is, but they knew by the way I said it, that it marked a musical milestone for performers.

"Not that I'm Hassidic or a Lubavitcher (the Hassidic sect that I once belonged to and that Mattisyahu belongs to) or anything anymore."

"Once a Lubavitcher, always a Lubavitcher" offered up my Great-Nephew.

I've heard that many times before. So since we are on the topic of Moshiach or Messiah as is the mission of Lubavitchers to reign in the Moshiach/Messiah, I tried to come up with 10 top signs that the Moshiach is really coming. I don't think I can come up with 10 - help me out here. These are things that are happening in the world today that you would never think would happen in a million years.

1. Mattisyahu, a Hasidic performer - becoming a world-famous musical artist.

2. Madonna being strongly into Kabbalah

3. My son offering to do the dishes and help me cook last week.

4. No calls from his school for one week complaining that he is suspended.

5. More and more grassroots peace groups I find out about every day in this country

6. More people into buying organic produce, becoming more environmentally aware

7. New York - much more safe than it ever was...

Anything else?



Larry said...

UH?? Number 7 New York is safer?? Safer than what, swimming with sharks??LOL New York recieves the most money for the city defense since 9/11, but is it really safer? I'm not so sure.. Hope all is well with you and family. Well, you're getting one out of the house glad or Sad?? Pray they don't come back after marriage. That means the "hubby" comes also..

Editor said...

#8 - Bloggers are trying to come up with top 10 reasons he is coming.

Anonymous said...

1. Man-made Starvation and Death are at an all-time high
2. Israel continues to use violence against Palestinians
3. Anglo-Saxon America has fallen (for the better)
4. Material interests rule the first world, showing us that the future only holds more suffering.
5. Morality continues to hide from humanity.
6. Children are learning how to judge first impressions from birth
7. Humans are consumed and motivated by personal interests and fame.
8. World Wars and murder get pushed aside for "prime-time" news stories.
9. False Prophets have shown their weaknesses
10. The Father has already chosen his son. The Moshiach knows who he is but continues to practice and teach the Word of God. He is a man born into common circumstances who watches the word around him while slowly pulling himself out of society. His Father will show humanity their savior when the time is right. Are you ready?

jerusalemgypsy said...

Amen, brother. I am ready....