Saturday, August 26, 2006

Food for Thought

Overeating on the Sabbath is my weakness. This is the only day I eat sweets and plenty of it. I say I buy it for the kids, but that's not totally true. I had an even greater excuse to buy more junk as my daughter and Hubby were here for the weekend. My fridge is stuffed with good food, but there are also two cakes, 3 packages of chips/nachos, ice cream, pistachios and one bag of healthy Terra blue potato chips recently imported from the US. It used to be when the kids were younger, I would have to lock up the snacks because they would eat them all up Friday evening like starving locusts and there'd be nothing left for Saturday. But this morning I looked in the fridge and everything was unlocked and intact.

I feel terribly bloated today and perused my macriobiotic self-healing books that make me depressed while reading about their cleansing diet.

"For 3-7 days eat bland foods including grains, soups, have no protein, just cooked vegetables and tamari sauce"

Ugh. Has it boiled down to this?

A reader of this blog sent me an email about the fact that bad foods may have contributed to the conflict in this region. And that good foods may eventually heal it. My macrobiotic friends certainly think so.

I remember spending a weekend with a Moslem family in M'ghar in the Galilee. I sipped endless amounts of coffee - maybe even 12 cups in one day. Who can resist that alluring Arabic coffee spiced with hel (cardamom)? I can't.

And coffee makes you have heart palpatations and get nervous.

Are Jewish Israelis any better? They're into their fried kubeh, falafel and chips. Terrible for the stomach. They don't drink as much coffee as their Arabic cousins, but coffee shops are full.

Do you think if we cut out the fried foods and the coffee and stick to traditional mint tea and mejedderah - can we be better friends?


lisoosh said...

Mejederah- yeuch, too dry. Sometimes I think it would be better to live less but eat tastier.

How's the married daughter doing?

georgine said...

lol, drink lots of water all the time, at least a litre or 2 a day and try to maintain a balance between what you love to eat and what is good for you. Don't stress about it all so much...your tummy will thank you. Yum, the coffee! Tough to get in Vancouver.

Chantyshira said...

You might be on to something there... I don't think the Mongols had such a balanced diet either. One thing I do know is that vegetarians tend to be much less aggressive than people who eat meat all the time - something to look into, maybe?

Andrea Gerak said...

It's intererting to read your thoughts on different subjects - I am in Europe, never been to your part of the world. But i more and more would like to go there for a visit. I don't even know too much about all these happenings over there (I am certain that half of it isn't true what I hear in the media)