Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I was feeling rather ditzy the last few days like spraying my underarms with my hair silicone spray instead of deodorant. Then I'm writing out my "to do" list at work and I notice a co-worker staring at my first item which said "buy bag of greens for 30 shekels". She probably thought I was buying a stash of weed or something, when actually it was for kale and collards which are very difficult to come buy. Israelis think kale is for decoration and never heard of collards. Private people sell these healthy greens for the health conscience and since I'm a woman of contradictions, I can easily eat a large bowl chocolates together with brown rice and greens.

But getting back to the subject matter, I ended up trying to do a good deed by fostering a dog for a bit until someone can adopt him. I took him for adoption at the JSPCA mobile adoption day in our city and this one scary big lug of a woman was the first to request him.

"ANI ROTZEH OTO!!!" she bellowed over and over again (I WANT HIM!!). She was staring at him as if he were her next meal. I was frightened and I prayed - please God do NOT let this pooch go to this woman. Fortunately my prayers were answered because she didn't want to pay the $120 or so (the fee for all innoculations and spaying) whatsoever and thought she'd get a freebie from them. But no one else wanted to deal with pups and he is now still in my house. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

He's so adorable. But my two dalmations would probably eat him up. Sorry, hope he finds a wonderful home.


anne said...

So sweet! Good luck to him!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, what a cute puppy..I do hope you can keep him!!