Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nine Days

I've been busy trying to ignore a war that's going on while Hubby does just the opposite, sitting at home glued to Fox News.

"they're pro-Israel" he says to me - because that's true and they are truly in the minority. I'm silently glad someone is pro-Israel. Even though I'm against war at the same time. We all certainly know Mel Gibson ain't pro-Israel, but I have my own secret wish for him - that his children marry ultra-orthodox Jews. Mwaaa haa haa.

How does one forget the ills of her country. I went and got a pedicure on Sunday. I hadn't had one in nearly a year. This is very contrary to all the millions of rabbinic laws that they put on us for the 9 days of mourning before the fast of the 9th of Av on Thursday - the only other 25 hour fast besides Yom Kippur. One shouldn't bathe (I do - it's too hot not to), cut hair (I don't), eat meat (I don't), do laundry (I do), listen to music (I don't), go to the movies (only watch videos) until the fast is over. But my feet were bothering me and I needed a bit of pampering. Anyway, this woman who does my feet is Mrs. Barbie Doll. Her place is all done up in pink puffy pillows and rugs and furniture. You gotta see it to believe it. Next time I go, I'll photograph it. She has the biggest boobs, natural ones, that put Pamela Anderson's to shame. And she toned down her hair to a nice ash blonde instead of the yellow shade she had last year.

"Wow! It's great! Where did you do it?"

It seems that everything she does, I want to do.

She had her laser surgery on her eyes and loves being able to see first thing in the morning. She simply raves about it.

"Wow! That's great" I gushed. "Where did you do it?"

Then she had taken a cruise last year, which I booked for Hubby and me for sometime this summer. The same cruise line she had taken.

"It's great! You'll love it" she gushed just like Barbie would do. And she didn't seem to mind that I wanted the same cruise, the same hair color, the same eye surgery and definitely the same boobs as she has.

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anne said...

I would love to get my eyes fixed...and possibly bigger boobs too! :)