Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Summer Holiday

I've got two weeks "forced" vacation from work. The office is closed and I'm bouncing around town, feeling lazy at home, not wanting to do anything on my To Do list. I'm wanting to take in some touristy things like going on the double-decker tour bus of Jerusalem with my son, but instead I've been running around doing yicky stuff like taking him to the dentist and orthodontist for future braces. He wants yellow and black braces - the color of the Jerusalem soccer team. Yuck.

But I did manage to go to the Hutzot Hayotzer arts and crafts fair in Jerusalem, which was absolutely lovely.

My daughter came by to give us our copy of her wedding album and dvd's which took 2 months in the making. I tried putting the disk on my computer and it wouldn't work. The color is better on my computer than on my TV which shows everything in red. Color tubes are expensive. The natives were getting restless while the computer was "searching" the disk.

"Ma! Don't you know how to run this on your computer?" the kids asked.

"No. But she knows how to hold a plateful of food" remarked Hubby.

Yes, and I also know how to throw same plateful of food over Hubby's head too, but I held back. Yes I did.

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