Saturday, September 09, 2006

cup o joe

It is the newest of a long line of coffee places in Jerusalem to open up this past week. That day I was feeling tired, grumpy, sweaty, trying to get over bronchitis and I sauntered over there to check it out, as I like to do with all eateries/drinkeries.

I ordered a cappucino with a tortilla goat cheese wrap. I thought, hey, here comes a hefty cappucino in a nice big cup. This set me back $2.50 after all. Then they brought me this perfectly tasting coffee in a ridiculously tiny expresso coffee cup.

"I didn't order expresso. I ordered Cappucino."

"This is your cappucino." the waitress informed me.

What the F?

Who imported this chain here anyways? Must not have been Jews because we like huge portions of everything. I downed my shot glass of caffeine in 3 small gulps and felt a trite ripped off on top of every other awful thing I felt that day.

Thankfully the tortilla wrap was a decently huge portion.

Having voiced my complaint of "they should have told me this cappucino was going to be 3 tablespoons only before I ordered it" to the waitress, the manager came right over with a "Joe" token, saying I could use it on my next visit there.

I will. But I really think they should rename the place - Tablespoon O Joe.


Andrea said...

a TINY CUP!! That is mean - just mean

Ed Goldberger said...

Robin and David,

Hopefully you'll see this message as I just heard about your caffeine business. I was into see one of my customers, Michael Richards of Beltsville, MD and he told me about your success.

Love from,

Eddie & David Goldberger

Ze'ev said...

There is a scathinbg report about this new branch. It is archived on and go to Walter's World. It's the programme dated 22.June 2008. If you cannot see that, then go to the BLOG button on the Walter's World square and find it there.