Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Feeling like biblical Job again...

This week's been tough. One Example -

It started out by me getting a threatening letter from a check collection agency. One of my checks bounced and they marked in a box that the reason it bounced was lack of funds. Huh? I happened to have actually had money in the bank at that time, however fleetingly. Plus, they're charging me a penalty on top of the regular amount of the check. I called them.

"I think there's been a mistake in that letter you sent."

"What's your ID number"

I gave it to him.

"I see you owe 136 shekels plus you'll have to pay the 55 shekel fee."

"Why do I have to pay a penalty if it's not MY fault that the check bounced - it must be your fault."

This crapola of a collection thief got totally fucked up over the fact that I accused him of making a mistake.

"If you don't pay this..." I could hear his rats ass of a voice rising, "...I will make sure you won't be able to write a check. Anywhere. Not in Renuar, TNT....blah blah blah" as he rattled off all of Jerusalem's fashion outlets.

"I'm not going to pay the penalty and that's final. I'll be happy to pay the principal."

Later that afternoon I marched into the Make-up store where I wrote the check, showed the manager my bank statement where it showed not even an overdraft (most Israelis do have overdraft)and she apologized profusely, calling me "Honey" all the time. She was American and I was relieved that I could sound half-intelligent and explain what was bugging me about that check collection agency. I'd have more trouble explaining it all in Hebrew, save for the choice words in Hebrew I could have called the idiot I spoke to that morning.

She called up and spoke to a different person at the collection agency. That person actually checked my cheque and saw that the store made a mistake - and the stamp they put on the back of the check was put on the front - thus the reason why my bank didn't accept their cheque. Ta Da!!!

And on my way out, I tried on all the latest lipsticks and shiny eyeshadows from all the expensive brands. At least if I won a small victory, I should look good, shouldn't I?

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EmahS said...

I think you should have gotten a new lipstick as a present for your troubles. :) glad it worked out ok.