Friday, September 29, 2006

lyrical moments

Driving home with Hubby after work yesterday through East Jerusalem, I was having such wonderful spiritual feelings. We passed by a neighborhood mosque in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, where the muezzin was calling out for prayer. It was about 6:45 pm and people there probably were just finishing up their break-fast meal during these Ramadan days. A block beyond we saw Ultra-Orthodox Jews coming and going to Rabbi Shimon the Righteous's gravesite nearby. There's an enclave of religious Jews who have settled in this neighborhood because of this gravesite.

We were just coming out of that enchanting neighborhood, onto the highway, which would lead us past the Mt. of Olives towards our town. We stopped at a red light. To the right of me was a panoramic view of East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem in all its glory, including the Dome of the Rock, with its gold dome still glistening in the twilight.

To the left of us was a red Mazda sports car. Music was blaring really loudly from that car and he parked beside us for the duration of that seemingly long red traffic light.

I'm telling you the music was blaring - the lyrics were loud and clear.

"My head, my back - lick my P...y and my crack." The singer ranted on - "My head,my back, lick my p...y and my crack."

If anything got me out of my spiritual stupor it was that.

I laughed and turned to hubby.

"You don't need to be too much of a poet to write songs nowadays, eh? So much for Jerusalem the Holy."

The driver of the red Mazda was oblivious to our stares and laughter. Wonder if he even understood the song's lyrics.

And then - the light turned green...

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