Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hey - Do you Want to Know a Secret?

Yesterday I was invited to a special screening of a non-hit full length feature film called "The Secret". Ten of us crowded into a small room around a lap top and we watched this cleverly filmed flick. I came across a blog about it which explains the whole deal really well.

It's all about creating this energy from your thoughts - to get whatever it is you want. We compared notes after the film and I was already familiar with grateful lists and visions lists where you list incredible things that you want, even if it sounds ludicrous. Because one has to ask for what one wants. If you don't ask - you don't get. Makes quite a bit of sense.

In retrospect, I have gotten some incredible gifts during the past few years, after I started making these lists and the gifts, however subtle, are still gifts and they keep coming. Like the time I voiced my wish to a friend that I would really like to work with non-Jews in Israel, showing them the Jewish side of things, the Israeli side of things, inviting them to my home for holidays/Sabbath so they could have a different non-touristy experience. A few months later I landed a position as a coordinator for an Interfaith group in Jerusalem which gave me the opportunity to do just that. Then there was a friend who only knew me through an e-mail list, who felt a kinship because she was Jewish and I was Jewish and we were Rolling Stones fans to boot. Within a year, she had sent me a round trip business class ticket on her air miles to see the Stones in New York and I thought I was dreaming.

And the movie also confirmed what I already sensed - that people who are anti-war demonstrators, for example, are actually promoting war with their thoughts because their whole focus is on war and not peace. I have a stance that I never go to demonstrations because of all the negative energy I experience there. No matter how worthy a cause. I'll join in if it's to be helpful to others, because I feel I'm building something, so it was amusing/amazing to have my thoughts confirmed.

I'm inspired now to publicly list more than 10 things I would like to ask for and more than 10 things I am grateful for today.

Then the next step would be to visualize myself with whatever it is I am asking for.

You can join me in listing the things you want and are grateful for and this can be an ongoing thing. I'd love to hear back that it's working for you too.

Wish List

1. I would like to buy a 4 bedroom home - within this month - preferably with a garden.

2. Easy mortgage payments - I want to be able to pay for the home effortlessly.

3. I want to have 3 months contingency saved up

4. I want my kids to be successfull and happy in their lives - career-wise and marriage-wise

5. I want my ex-Criminal kid to finally come home and abide by the rules set out for her from her school

6. I want to take a vacation with my husband and kids - in a nice hotel

7. I want to have the strength and willpower to eat healthier - whole foods preferably

8. I want to become a famous writer


10. I want a 42" flat screen LCD television with a good sound system.

11. A lovely new couch would be wonderful too

12. As well as a dining room table with new chairs

Now for the Grateful List:

1. I am grateful my son is doing well in school this year (8th grade) and is motivated to do well and is going to after school tutoring

2. I am grateful we are going away to our friends on Kibbutz for Rosh Hashana which relieves me from shopping and cooking

3. I am grateful for the warm weather in Jerusalem

4. I am grateful for my job

5. I am grateful to have a married daughter

6. I am grateful to have a wide variety of good friends

7. I am grateful for my interfaith work

8. I am grateful that my self-employed husband is busy with work

9. I am grateful that I enjoy hanging out with my kids

10. I am grateful to watch downloaded movies on my computer!!!

11. I am grateful that I have a fulfilling spiritual life

12. I am grateful to live in Jerusalem....

Happy Jewish New Year and Ramadan Karim!!!


Francesco said...

Greetings from Florence.

Bambouti said...

Happy Rosh Hashana. I like your blog.

EmahS said...

Have you ever read or listened to tapes of Wayne Dyer? He is big on thinking in regards to INTENTIONS......Take your "wish" list and re-write each of them as an INTENTION..... "I intend to...." According to him, it is more positive than just wishing something to happen!

Shana tova! 2 cents said...

I hope you get everything on your wishlist!

Your grateful list is very nice!

Fatma said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Seriously, you seem like such a BEAUTIFUL person... People like you make me believe there truly is hope for muslims and Jews and christians to ALL LIVE IN PEACE. God bless you!