Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Planning ahead

There was some terrible news today of two buses blown up in Beersheva. I haven't seen the news yet, but it didn't stop me from getting on the phone and trying to figure out next steps for going in the right direction. There will be a music festival October 3rd during the holiday of Succot. This festival will be a religious-woodstock-type festival, religious straighties, hippies, etc. and will be held on the moshav of the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, the Rabbi who in the late 1960s founded the House of Love and Prayer in San Francisco and brought alot of lost hippies to Israel to find their roots. I figured it would be nice to have a Peace Cafe thing going which would also be a challenge since most of the festival goers usually are more radically right. I thought under right conditions - like having Eliyahu - the one with the long earlocks - help out and bringing Sufis, it might get interesting. Or having Dhyon bring his Peace Cafe together with Ibrahim. But Eliyahu will be in the States and Dhyon will be doing a walk from Jaffa to Jerusalem to promote peace and Fair Trade. Dhyon said he'd like to have about 10 kids from my suburb be in one of his and Lisa's workshops of Circassian dancing and yoga and eventually join up with their Palestinian counterparts. I donated my very large back porch for the occasion and hope we can come up with some sort of solution for the winter months. Looks like things will be moving in my area, which is where what one of my visions was going. Funny how things sometimes just slide into place.


timx said...

Very difficult to stay positive after that terrible news - but you seem to manage it. I am more certain than ever that you are on the only right track.

lisoosh said...

OT - there are lots of weird links popping up in your post.

Shame about the bombings I will look it up. It looks like we may be coming over in a few weeks and while I lived with the security situation for years this is my first visit with my kids and to be honest it makes me nervous.

kanenabe said...

Oh dear, I haven't read the news for a few days, but I'm definitely going to look it up too.

I admire the way you decide to immediately take whatever positive steps you can in light of this terrible event. Not everybody is capable of shrugging off despair, and letting negativity get them down.

More power to you Leah!

jerusalemgypsy said...

That's the way most people live here. Something awful happens and you bounce back like rubber. It's the only way to survive. And Lisoosh - don't be nervous about coming over here - this is a fabulous place and if you're near Jerusalem, please look me up. I'd love to meet you. There are precautions you can take, like no bus travel will cut down on risks. Other than that, you'll be surprised at how wonderful a time you'll have.