Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Court

Criminal Daughter had her day in court yesterday. As usual, I walked into the juvenile section and the ten punk sitting there asks if I'm looking for Her. Yes, of course I am. I marvel at her popularity among the criminal teen elements in Jerusalem. She's outside smoking and the lawyer is trying to get her attention. We have to go in soon. They're only 1/2 hour behind schedule. I'm sitting in court, looking at all these lawyers dressed up in suits and ties. This is a rarity in Israeli society - suits and ties, I mean. There is an abundance of lawyers here. But man - do plain men look good in a black suit and tie. Then I remember my girlfriend recently telling me how she "did it" with nearly all the lawyers in Jerusalem and I couldn't stop smiling in the court room. The judge is talking to my daughter, telling her how serious carrying a knife into a soccer stadium is as is being an accomplice to a cellphone theft. Meanwhile, I'm looking at the various lawyers, looking damn good in their black suits and ties, thinking which one of them f**cked my friend. That and the fact that the judge looked like Mr. McGoo made the trial a bit more bearable. Verdict? We're back in two months to see she warrants teen reformatory or not. Can't wait to get another look at those lawyers....

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