Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Hannukah is here - a festival of lights. How the Jews should light up the world. How my children should light up my house. But noooo. What do I get? Anything but light. My son who should be getting 100's on English because we speak English at home, did poorly. Why? He's bored in class and the teacher complained to me that he ran inside the autistic kids' classroom and mimicked them. 'tis a season of light and joy! Yay kids. My Criminal Daughter is back to vandalizing and I haven't bothered picking up the notices I get from the post office. For sure she didn't get registered mail because she won some lottery, or a dead relative left her a ton of money. Oh, no. We never get those. Tomorrow I go to court with her and sit in the juvenile department with a whole load of other teen rejects. Last time she was there, she knew nearly everyone there! Wow! Don't you love it when they're popular? At least I get a few hours off work. Always look at the bright side of life.

I also get off work on Thursday because the tombstone for my dad is ready. This means another family reunion. That could be a happy but painful time. The family (doesn't that sound so mob-ish?) is very Orthodox and I have to show up there in a hat for a hair covering and no trousers. My dresses have since grown moldy since I last wore them. Hair coverings? I tried to cover my hair in a "cool" fashion with a scarf last time I saw them, but the fringes dangled over my eyes, and I looked like a fucked up gypsy. Forget about baseball caps. They're too butch for me.

I'm off to buy some candles for my hanukkah lamps. And of course, the traditional jelly-filled doughnuts for the family. We've got 8 days of this. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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