Thursday, December 02, 2004


I ran through the supermarket yesterday in a rush to buy toothpaste for the house. In a household of 7, we run out of stuff quite frequently and it's not funny when you run out of toilet paper on Friday evening when all stores are closed until Sunday and there is nothing you can do but use napkins and/or borrow a few roles from neighbors. I had run out of toothpaste the night before and no one brushed their teeth that morning. We all had turtle breath. My eldest kids were laughing hysterically at me when they ran to get the new toothpaste from me, as I told them how I pushed through the massive lines at the store yelling - "help!!! I've got to get these toothpaste tubes over to my kids NOW!!! Their breath smells like camel dung, and I will DIE if I go near them." I took a mild toothpaste this time - herbal Colgate with myrhh and lemon. We also ran out of detergent which I buy in huge tubs so we don't run out every 3 days or so. The laundry had piled up dangerously like a cloth-built Tower of Babel. But perhaps I should just let the sugar supply deplete and see how calm and chilled everyone will be without their daily supply.

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timx said...

Colgate with Myrhh and Lemon? How Jewish can you get!