Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's a disaster

I've been trying all morning to post this video up, so I've been trying to look at this tutorial and got constantly interrupted by my son wanting to check his ICQ. I'd love for his ICQ friends to come to the house and swoop him away for a couple of hours. But no. They'd rather sit in front of their computer ICQ'ing each other.

Then my Son tells me of the earthquake in India this morning telling me it's dangerous to go there.

Not to mention Hubby warning me of some bird virus going around which can be disastrous to large populations.

Yesterday I went to my New Age bookstore in town to buy a book and meet the woman I went to the Sulha with. She's having some strange goings-on during the holiday of Sukkot in her Succah, with stuff about interplanetary happenings and Atlantis. She asked my daughter if she would like to join her mother and her weird friends. Then she said her friend, a channeler, warned of a major earthquake in our region during January. A terrible disaster, which would eventually bring peace to this area because people would rally to help each other out. She even got earthquake insurance.

"So, you don't think I should go searching for a home before January, eh?"

"Not unless you get earthquake insurance."

Then I had a dinner guest over last night. She was a kindred soul in MY VERY OWN SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD who worked in the health food shop. I was thrilled to meet a like-minded person and wondered if there are others hiding around. Apparently there are. It is difficult if you're Anglo and not Orthodox here, even though everyone has been totally kind to her. But she was thrilled to see books at my home by Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shlomi, the Renewal Rabbi and will introduce me to others. Wow. Others!! In the 'burbs!!

But then she scared the shit out of Hubby and the girls by telling them of her tales of travels in India - people defecating in streets, large cows standing in front of you, people driving on sidewalks, and she warned me to take malaria pills even though 7 people told me not to take them because "it's like taking bad LSD". I've never even taken good LSD, so I'm a bit nervous of taking bad LSD.

I was going to go to the movies this evening with a friend. But I think I'll just stick around the house. Somehow I just feel safer at home (even with my kids).


Andrea said...

Get a flue shot before you go and stay away from poltry and birds. Then you will be fine. As for the earthquake stuff.
But also have fun. If you control your life by natural disasters that never come you would be very bored.

musophrenia said...

dont feel safe anywhere...LOL

reatita said...

hello -
when i went to india the doc told me to take the malaria pill even though it was not 100% effective. but when i got there, one of my new roomates was starting to have little hallucinations. i freaked out and stopped taking it. i stayed there 3 months. nothing happened to me. i was in bangalore. i heard it depends on the region. some might be more affected by it.
good luck!!

jerusalemgypsy said...

which one did you take - there's one that doesn't have any side effects....also the nurse said that people who take this pill along with alcohol and drugs will experience hallucinations. I

reatita said...

ahhh, that makes sense!
i don't remember which pill (it was in 2000) - :)