Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bad choices

Still seeing and hearing nothing in Jerusalem - war wise. Thank God. We have one refugee staying in our house from Haifa who phones home daily to speak to her mother who is cooped up in her bomb shelter. Our cousins in Safed have relocated with relatives on the coast.

I am weary of this - even though it seems like a million miles from home. I find I have no energy for peace efforts at the moment. I didn't even go to the Sulha Planning Committee meeting yesterday. Bad choice. I should have gone, because I would have found kindred spirits there. Instead I went home where my very own family are thrilled whenever Israel's bombs hit Lebanon. Don't they care about the civilians? Not at this time.

The Israeli Arabs up North in their villages told the Jerusalem Post they do not have any bomb shelters like the city dwellers do in Haifa. Why? Bad choice for the Israeli government not to have thought about building for them too...

And obviously Hizbollah don't give a fuck either about who gets killed - whether it's a fellow Moslem or an Arab Christian in Nazareth - as long as they are able to toss their katyushas around.

And the rabbis said all this chaos is happening here because of the planned international Gay Pride event in August. I think it's because my boss died and since then, all this stuff began, plus everything is breaking down in my office, which would never have happened had he been around. I think even our office machines were petrified of him. Hubby thinks all this is happening because our house is filthy and chaos reigns inside and out. It's not really filthy though. I've seen filthier.

Plus my Complainer daughter is lying to me, telling me she is Eilat with girlfriends when one of my "spys" found her in Eilat with her "should-have-been-an-ex" boyfriend. He is not allowed in our home anymore after terrifying all of us in a 12 hour siege outside our home one Saturday a few weeks ago, telling her he was going to beat her up. We thought by calling the police he would be shooed away from her and from us for good. But here's another kid, with her bad choices, that's not digging a peaceful life for herself either. Go figure.

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