Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Must Read!!

This is a "must read" about the situation we are in right now - Israel and Lebanon. He is a terrific writer. I think he hits it right on. Unfortunately.


Richard said...

I'm surprised you think so highly of Gordis' piece. It represents an old mode of thinking to me. One that will not advance the goal of peace bet. Israel & her neighbors.

The Lebanon war is troubling to Israelis I have no doubt. But the answer is not to hunker down & prepare for the worst. It's to open up to new ideas & compromises for peace.

jerusalemgypsy said...

I don't think he had any answers - but I do think Hizbollah and some of the others mentioned think as he wrote. I also like his style of writing. I try to always look on the positive side, but sometimes the conflict wears me down. And I still firmly believe that if Hizbollah and others like them, get together with us for a Sulha or got to know any Israelis personally.....they'd be less likely to continue this idiotic conflict. And so would we.