Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Loser thieves

Everything was pissing me off this week. I get to work rather sluggishly these days - there's no old man waiting for me impatiently at 7:30 am to begin the day. I returned home on two buses, looking at everyone thinking - what if I actually "said" what I was thinking. Like seeing a young Ultra-Orthodox married couple, and she was so, so young. I felt like going over to her and asking - "what are you? Like 16 or something?"

Later on a nutcase came on the bus with tons of packages. She was blabbering to herself and crying, even though from looking at her, she looked quite pretty and put together, with rings on all her fingers. People were being nice and trying to help her, but she was totally wacko. I felt like telling her "Gee, I'm so glad there's someone crazier than me on this bus."

Taking the 2nd bus home, there was standing room only. Some young woman kept on stubbing my toes with her heels - I felt like telling her "Don't you dare step on me again with your Russian high heels...." I knew she was Russian.

And last night, while Hubby was sleeping on the couch, falling asleep while watching Fox News, someone crept in and stole his briefcase with his car keys, ID card, business papers, etc. He woke me up at 2:30 am totally devastated.

"My whole LIFE is in that bag!!"

After searching the entire house, I concluded that Hubby was right in that it was stolen. We took a very early am walk (in my nightdress, mind you) through the park - perhaps the thief threw the useless-for-him briefcase in the bushes. We walked around the back of our place, and peeked in the trash can. Nothing.

He called the police and guess what? It was waiting for him there. They found it a few blocks away near the mall. Minus his cellphone and checkbook and ATM card. Stupid thief. He didn't bother stealing our car, even though the car keys were there. He took shit he wouldn't be able to use because the checks were cancelled as well as the ATM card and the cellphone. Now what will Stupid Thief do with all these things? The cash was with me, fuckwad!! Heh heh! And I never leave it on the diningroom table.

So I'm partially working on like 3 hours of sleep. I'm OK, though. But I'm so tired that I told my 16 year old that she can have 2 of her friends from Haifa over for the rest of the week. These kids aren't having too much fun these days. They've been spending their vacation in bomb shelters and I thought Jerusalem might be just the vacation resort it was always meant to be... Plus I could use a few good deeds up my way.


arash said...

Israelian innocent kids are writing some words ----->

jerusalemgypsy said...

Arash, this was terrible to look at. I don't know who would let their kids write on missiles! But thank you for pointing out what is not splashed all over our papers either.

Note though, none of this would have happened if Hizbullah would not have entered Israel to kidnap the soldiers.

But if you want to work towards a real solution, you have to get to know the Other - no matter how uncomfortable it feels right now.

If you're in the Palestine/Israel region, why don't you join in the Sulha in August? (www.sulha.com). We'll try to get those missile-writing kids to join up too....