Saturday, July 15, 2006

What War??

Shel Booli Restaurant in the Machane Yehuda shuk - Jerusalem

For those of you thinking I'm cowering in a bomb shelter while planes are flying overhead....nah. War's not for me. And besides you can all read about it in the papers and watch that shit on tv. I'm fed up with wars and warriors and of course you all know how miserable this all makes me.

Jerusalem felt normal yesterday and people just went about their business on Fridays. For some - that meant shopping. For me - that meant eating. I found a great little gem in the Machane Yehuda shuk called "Shel Booli". The owner, a cancer survivor, makes healthy sandwiches and salads and they are half the price of what you would find at a regular joint.

Great salads..on "happy" plates

Check this salad out and the plates my friend and I called Happy Plates. I think it was the colors of the plates that put us in a great mood aside from the great tasting food.


Sherril said...

Hi Jerusalem Gypsy,
I"ve been checking out your blog for the last several days to see what an American/Israeli woman who is devoted to Peace in one of the world's most peace defying places is thinking these days.
So, I am glad to find that you are well, safe and enjoying healthy food in the Machene Yehuda Market. Still, I would love to hear your input on the latest incursions into Lebanon and previously Gaza. And I have a specific reason for asking this of you.
If you remember, I wrote you for the first time in April when I was in Israel for a wedding. I don't know if you have read any of my posts, but in them you would find a bit of my background relating to my association with and love for Israel. Having said that, I am also not blindly devoted to Israel and it's government when it comes to the situation with it's not too friendly neighbors. I loved reading the article on The Peace Tent and have been to the site of the woman who I believe to be the author of that article and the one who attended. All this to say, though I am not sure I would be a part of the Peace Now Movement in Israel, if I lived there (or maybe I would, I really am not sure about that), but I try to keep somewhat of an open mind and to see the validity on the other side, specifically the Palestinian side.
So, again, why do I tell all of this to you? Why? Because I have a 25 year old daughter who I'm proud and happy to say has taken on for herself an ideology that includes tikun olam and she most definitely includes Everyone in her olam. She had just stopped home today from being in New Orleans where she was working with an Aide society in helping to repair New Orleans after Katrina. She also worked (volunteered) her year after college (Brandeis) in AmeriCorps (based on Peace Corps, but only here in the US). So, when she came home today and on CNN they were talking about the lives lost in Lebanon, she sighed and said something like, why? I, feeling the need to inform her, tried to explain Israel's position, as I understand it. She simply thinks I am, in her words, "racist" and "biased". I, trying not to be too defensive, told her I may be a bit biased, but I try very hard not to be racist. But, I want to be able to discuss this with her.
So, I was interested in reading what your thoughts were now on what is happening.

Yours in Peaceful Hopes and Dreams,

Sherril, aka Sharona

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this JG. I've been worried about you.
Faithful lurker, first timer poster!

jerusalemgypsy said...

Hi Sherril,
I hope you are proud of your daughter. She's on the right track. My kids are into their hair, looking in the mirror, stealing each other's clothing and going to clubs. No volunteer work for them folks.

Anyway, I've got mixed feelings about the Lebanese thing. Hizbollah started this thing for no good reason. What was in it for them? It's almost like they egged Israel to get deeper into yet another conflict besides the one in Gaza. I'm not sure that what the Israeli army is doing is wonderful either - why did they have to bomb Beirut's airport? Yeah, let's make the Lebanese people hate Hizbollah by making it tough on the Lebanese, is what I'm hearing. Although, I think most of the hatred now will be directed more towards Israel and less towards Hizbollah. These warmongers on all sides frustrate me. I can't wait for the Sulha next month......

Sherril said...

What's the Sulha?

Surinder Kaur said...

Shalom and Sat Sri Akal Gypsy,I wrote to you long ago,Re your visit with the Sikhs.I am so glad you are safe,well and always resilient!G-d bless and keep you and the beautiful state of Israel safe always.

jerusalemgypsy said...

thank you Elizabeth for your kind thoughts

Surinder - I'd love to visit Scotland again someday. I haven't been there in years and years. I would definitely visit your temple. You probably eat vegetarian Haggis up there don't you? :-)

Sherril - check out

surinder said...

Heehee,actually my dad owns a chain of Indian restaurants in Glasgow,and haggis pakora is a very popular starter,yuk! but the Scots eat anything,my mums Scottish and my mind boggles watching her eat,even after 37 years, Be well and blessed always