Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I love being wined and dined

Even if it's only my daughter taking me out. It's a special treat. She makes a ton of money on tips each day, and spends it on herself. I think her grandmother wrote her a letter after I complained that she is already 21 and doesn't contribute anything to the house except for dirty laundry. We asked her to pay $100 a month. A pittance. She was furious with us and said none of her friends have to pay rent to their parents. $100 isn't rent. It's fuck all. If she were really to rent, she would have to pay $400 for a dive in Jerusalem plus utilities. So I'm sure grandma gave her a telling off - kindly - the way grandmothers do to their favorite grandchildren.

So she called me and asked if I'd like to be taken out for dinner. Being somewhat still sane, and of no guilt feelings taking gifts from my children, I agreed. We had dinner at the new upscale restaurant in the shuk - called Tzachko. She offered me dessert as well, and I slurped up the lemon/mint sorbet and watermelon sorbet on fresh fruits. We parted ways after dinner.

A few hours later she showed up at home with a purple top as a gift for me "because you don't have any purple tops." I don't have any red, white or orange tops either!
If she's going to treat me to weekly dinners and tops - the hell with the rent.


Romani Heart said...

My mom made me pay rent, I've always quietly resented how she hands my dauhter everything on a silver platter. The only grandchild and all ya know. By the way, I tagged you on my blog. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Musophrenia said...


Andrea said...

Good for granny!!! make sure you give her an extra big hug or a good hanaka present. As for your daughter; soak it all in and giver a big hug after dinner. Dont mention rent just tell her how damn good it feels to be brought out for dinner by her. She will remember even if she says nothing. I paid rent to my dad after the divorce. Never regretted it, and still take em out for dinner sometimes.