Saturday, September 03, 2005


Hubby proved his usefulness today by exterminating a wasp that came into the kitchen today.

"Where is it" I asked, because if the wasp wasn't going to be dealt with immediately, I was never going to go into the kitchen, and no dishes would be washed and no meals would be made. The agony of it all made Hubby all the more earnest to do me this favor and murder the bee or the wasp or whatever the fuck it was.

I looked in the sink.

"I see its antennas moving" and backed out of the kitchen.

"There. I squished it and tossed it into the trash."

Whew. Now our family can eat.

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Liza said...

Made my husband get out of bed yesterday morning to kill a wasp (buzzing angrily in our stairwell), otherwise I wouldn't be able to take the baby and the dog and go for a morning walk (and dog was quite desperate at this point).