Thursday, September 01, 2005

First Day of School in Jerusalem

I took the day off today to get all sorts of stuff sorted out - the boring and the exciting stuff - like perhaps having lunch/light dinner out, perhaps buying some new trousers because my others are large on me. Finally.

Hubby and I were supposed to celebrate our final debt repayment to debtor's court - after which we closed up our files with them. No more will they threaten to jail Hubby or take our furniture or close up my bank account - which they did and unfortunately, they are quite slow in getting that part sorted out via their computers. But I wanted to forget about it all and celebrate by taking a cheap 3 night cruise to Rhodes and Limassol on the Princess as Hubby, until now, was not allowed to leave the country due to this debt. But he was free - finally - and I thought he'd want to scram.

He said he was too busy at work and I was terribly disappointed - what is the big deal of taking a Thursday and a Sunday off?

Is it perhaps that there are no computers on board the Princess and he won't be able to peruse his favorite sites. I had time today, on my day off, to check out which websites he does peruse. Some of them are - and if you are sensitive to bad words - read no more:

1. Don't spit swallow
2. hairy places
3. horny teen harlots
4. big mouthfuls
5. cumswallowblog
6. lesbians playroom
7. dirtytravel
8. creamy pies
9. cunt circus
10. anal sex lessons (?)
11. cum squirt
12. eating pussy in high class escort service
13. Christian gays (?)
14. circumcised boyfriend Indian (?)
15. kinky mature sluts
16. sexabulous
17. smutfun

and there are loads more. Really. But I don't have the patience to print them all.

Hoping my son will not inherit his dad's love for porn, I gently woke him up for school - a new school where the teachers don't seem to have a stick up their ass and he won't be judged on how religious he is because the school is secular. His teacher is American and I was so pleased about that. At least she will understand our family better than Israeli teachers. Plus there was a Japanese kid in his class, whom my son immediately took a liking to - I see he gets his pull towards "different" people from me. I'm glad. It's better than being pulled to porn.

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Romani Heart said...

Oh Lord. Ya know, sometimes I get down and depressed, closing in on 40 yrs old and never having been married. But posts like this make me realize, maybe being single isn't always such a bad thing lol.